How to Earn Virtue Fast In Like a Dragon: Ishin

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  • For the first time ever, Like a Dragon: Ishin! arrives on western shores in this remake of the original PS3 title. Set in the late Edo period of Japan, Ishin! focuses on Sakamoto Ryoma, a man struggling with his role in society currently being shaken to its core. With his mentor assassinated and a coup d’état currently ongoing between factions, Ryoma blends into the city of Kyoto and joins the controversial Shogunate police known as the Shinsengumi. Players will traverse a fictional Kyoto back in the 1800s as they hack, slash, and shoot their way through strife-filled time as a representation of the real Sakamoto Ryoma, known for leading the revolution against the Shogunate starting its reformation. Like a Dragon: Ishin! will play more like the original Yakuza series games with more weapon-based combat. Ishin! releases on all major platforms on February 21 2023.






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